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National Coming Out Week

National Coming Out Day is observed annually to celebrate coming out and to raise awareness of the LGBT community and civil rights movement. Companies and community organizations across the globe celebrate National Coming Out Week in October each year leading up to National Coming Out Day (October 11). 

Are you leading the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging initiative at an organization that aspires to leverage belonging and inclusion as key business drivers?

How are you celebrating your LGBTQIA++ colleagues & community this National Coming out day/week/month?

How are you creating awareness, education & inclusion among your workforce, department heads, leadership teams about LGBTQIA++?

What is your DEI&B Strategy when it comes to Inclusion & Belonging?

Would you like to host an educational workshop this National Coming Out Day/Week/Month?

Would you like to host workshops on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging through out the year?

Please email to find out how we can support you with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging solutions & services

Customized Events

For Customized Corporate Special Events email us: events@unstoppableperformanceleaders.com

Building Trans Inclusive Workplaces: A Workshop for HR Leaders

Corporate Free Events

Develop an understanding of language, terminology, and best practices and “don’ts” for creating an inclusive and equitable gender-inclusive environment.


Supporting our LGBTQIA+ children: A workshop for parents of LGBTQIA+ commun

Free Workshop for Parents by unstoppable performance leaders

Develop an understanding of gender identity/experience, development, and age best practices for communicating and supporting gender-expansive children It takes a village: sharing with supportive and/unsupportive family & tools for finding community.

Transgender Inclusion & What You Can Do to be an Ally

National Coming Out Week October Corporate Event

Leave with a strong understanding of what it means to be transgender.

Understand the importance of active allyship in all scenarios.

Supporting trans, non-binary, and gender expansive colleagues and community

Supporting Trans & Non Binary

Develop an understanding of language, terminology, best practices, and “don’ts” for creating an inclusive and equitable gender-inclusive environment.


Opening the QuILTBAG

Pride Month Special Workshop Book your place

Opening the QuILTBAG (Queer, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay) is an introductory session about LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences. This presentation explains sexuality, gender identity and expression.

“He’s Always Been My Son - A Mothers Story About Raising Her Transgender Child”

He’s Always Been My Son: A Mother’s Story about Raising Her Transgender Son is an uplifting and supportive memoir of her journey raising a transgender son from birth through to adulthood. 


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