Unstoppable Leaders

Stand Up for DE& I

Do you want to move from avoiding the subject of Critical Race Theory (CRT) when people bring it up to engaging them in the important work you are doing as a DE&I practitioner?  We are with you.  

People who use CRT as a excuse to not talk about discrimination or the real history of racism in U.S. have had the floor for way too long. As Ibram Kendi has said, “They have conjured an imagined monster to scare the American people and project themselves as the nation’s defenders from that fictional monster.

In STANDING UP FOR DE&I, Jim Morris, author of the soon to be released book Gaslights and Dog Whistles (release on August 9) will help the audience create their own strategies to effectively engage in dialogue with people who are choosing to go along with fiction over facts when it comes to DE&I.